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About Picture Day

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  • About two week prior to your scheduled picture day you will receive a Picture Day Packet.
  • The Packet contains signs and parent reminder forms announcing picture day.
  • On Picture Day Rodney will arrive at the scheduled time.
  • All children will be photographed unless a parent indicates they wish NOT to have their child photographed.
  • About one week after picture day, the school will receive each childs' previews along with all pricing and packaging information. Signs indicating when to return orders will be included.
  • A few days after the indicated return date we will contact your school and arrange to have either FEDEX or Rodney pickup the orders.
  • Two weeks from the time orders have been picked up, you will receive your finished portraits.

If you have any questions about picture day please email us at

Any changes regarding picture day will ONLY be made by Rodney or Stacey


Any questions please call us 410-315-8209